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Cutting edge technology for real marketing stars

Marketing stars want all their campaigns to be great, while great campaigns require smart technology. With stars.n.fishes services marketers across the globe get best hi-tech solutions for their needs. Our agile pricing covers "all-size-marketing" demand: from early start up to industry leading enterprise. Start with our Guide-MT, providing marketers with a bundle of app demos, frameworks, templates and other useful contents on a monthly basis. It's free, nothing to lose, just sign up and keep on scrolling this website

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Our clients

Services of stars.n.fishes are trusted by leading regional and global brands, so you are in the right company

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Strategic flights

Quick analytical support, deep researches, insights navigation, branding, product positioniong, marketing investments plans with ROI and other tools to shape your strategy. Get our transparent, clear and agile pricing for strategic flights. Send instant brief to get your timing & cost estimate within 2 hours or Book a live demo to dive into details.

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Landing on Sales

Modern landing pages with clean code and fast upload, user triggers, A/B testing, web forms, mailing scenarios, account based marketing, cross channel activation and leads qualifications. Get our transparent landing on Sales price list, send instant brief or book a live demo

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Grand Content Studio

Content is the Core for your marketing performance. Our solutions will provide royal treatment for your content to deploy it faster and reduce operational efforts. In the end you'll enjoy more time for strategic and creative thinking

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    Fast and focused creative development

    Our real time collaboration solutions help marketers brief fast, manage multiple agenices within one campaign, stay focused and get all needed alignments at the speed of light

  • layers

    Smart, layered storage of versions

    Imagine you get an instant access to any version of your creative assets with no searching in folders, urgent mailing and bloating amount of file storage links. We'll switch you to a git-based approach in content management and this will bring you back dozens of wasted hours

  • videocam

    Multimedia canvas

    Many months of experimentation and trial and error in order to bring out the best visual metaphors.

  • local_florist

    Grow your masterpiece

    Usage of all mentioned technologies simultaneously will let you collect measured data and identify which content has a potential for real growth hacking

Mobile ALL-IN solutions

Today a lot of industries can build effective marketing only through instant and time sensitive contact with their customer. For such businesses we offer to skip any desktop development and launch fast marketing strategies on mobile platforms only, including automated scenarios using sms, calls and most popular messengers. Click the button below to brief us instantly at WhatsApp if you feel this approach is right what you need

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  • How Adobe Campaign can shape your marketing leadership

    Join coming live webinar lead by Denis Lelin, Head of Marketing solutions at stars.n.fishes , and learn the ground breaking opportunities of Adobe Marketing Cloud for leading enterprise marketing teams. Amount of attendants is limited, so its better to book your seat right now

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  • Adobe Experience Manager for your marketing orchestration

    Anatoly Lebedev, the Design Director at stars.n.fishes will guide you through key opportunities of marketing content deployments using solutions of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Book your seat on coming live webinar today

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